allo :)

Hello my little sweethearts ;)
I'm very busy with courseworks and revisions (just 1! month till the exams aaaa!!!!)
It's also 43days till Matt's visit ;) I'm sooo excited ! :) we're going to London so when I've got a few free minutes I'm trying to organise our little trip hihihi :)



I'm not perfect.
Never have been.
Never will be.

But I'm trying to change. Change everything. My life, my attitude, how I feel and think about the world and myself. I'm trying to change because I believe if I'll never try, I'll never know. Wanna look at the girl in the mirror and be able to say " I made it. I did it"

I think it's a new start and there's no place for excuses or lies.

Maybe one day I'll tell you how my life is changing now but I'm not ready yet...

Be who you are. Acceptation...

Love, Carol


Once in a while...

Once in a while I feel the need to lie down and listen to the music. I'm not doing anything else, just focusing on the sounds and lyrics. I found it relaxing. :)

There's a lot goin' on now and I feel uncomfortable with the fact I haven't got time for my friends. I'm working, we're filming our trailer, weekends at work, college and revising material from media cause I've got exam in 2 months.
Oh, almost forgot about the best one- preparing trip to London with Matthew ;) checking hotels and making a list of places we wanna visit in June :) it's hard but when I'm thinking about having him for 2 weeks... :)
I hope you guys are okay, studying/working hard and living a happy life ;)

here's few songs :)


Spring in Stockport :) it's sunny outside and warm but because of flu I can't enjoy the weather fully.. maybe during the weekend?
decided to find some Spring inspirations ;)