First day as 20 wasn't so bad ;)
I'm 20, independent and it feels good :)
besides my gorgeous cousin, Aneta wrote this on my wall -

Note to everyone! Caroline is my Life! She is my little princess even tho she has just turned 20! She is beautiful, ingeligent, sexy, funny, gorgeous and just amazing and if you think different then you're either blind or stupid! I love her to pieces and if anyone ever hurts her I will find you, and kill you! Nuff said.
Thank you! :')
she's all I need, sister and the best friend in one. so yes, she made turning 20 much easier :) tomorrow we're going for a drink or two... maybe 5 :p :p :p

goodnight, Carol


My dear tomorrow...

Tomorrow is my last day as a teenager.
I spent last 20 years on breathing, growing up and achieving new skills.
My character is still developing and my life is now crazier than it was before. I'm not living a life of a rockstar (yet ;D )
but I'm moving on, trying to reach the sky.
I hope the next 20 years will be full of fun, happiness, laugh, partying, studying :P and dreams coming true.

Big thank you to all who made my life so great, who were with me for good and for bad but also to those who hurt me 'cause now I'm stronger.
Sorry to those who've been hurt by me.

Peace, love and rock'n'roll


Christmas shopping- checked

I like giving presents. Maybe more than receiving them.
But Christmas shopping just before Christmas is worse than a headache and ex-boyfriend who stalks you.
That's why I promised myself to buy all the presents before the end of November. Just two more and mission Christmas shopping horror will be completed:)
I bought Xmas cards as well. This year I'm sending funny ones ;)

I know pics are small but just double clic on a photo and you'll see larger version of it ;)



sometimes I hate myself...
Not only for creating barriers but also for being scared of something I shouldn't be.
It's late, I'm tired and I'm listening to sad songs. I should be sleepin' but I'm thinking about so many things.
believe me, tears are not helpful.
He knows and I'm scared because he doesn't want to find out why.
I'm trying to forget his name and face but I can't. Just simply can't....

Tequila would be helpful but I'm working tomorrow ;(


Syndrom wypalenia

Hej. Ostatnio nie mam weny, nie mogę skończyć pisać recenzji. Z jednej strony mam sporo nauki i roboty, a z drugiej czuje jakby ogarniała mnie mega nuda. Nawet czytanie książek nie sprawią mi takiej prZyjemności jak kiedyś. Co się ze mną dzieje? :(


Let the Skyfall When it crumbles

Cat Power- Keep on runnin'

Hi :) happy 12,001 pageviews :) thank you guys :*
yesterday we watched Skyfall. It was great. I highly recommend new Bond. 
He's done with Vesper and sentiments, tries get back to the best condition and even if his body fails, he's still smart and charming. We want to succumb his charm and take place of Severine or Eve.

nice scene in casino, Makau and I liked the scene in Shanghai when Bond follows the killer and kills him- using neon lights and darkness was nice. but you know, it's my opinion :)
I'll try to end my review for Saturday so I could provide more detailed opinion about the film :)

and Adele's theme song is great as well :)

I'm going do my Zumba exercises and work on my media coursework.
have a good night :)
 Carol xxxx

P.S. Today I was sayin' recipe instead of recipt and when I realized my mistake I felt like an idiot. :/


Nie ma to jak obudzić się na dźwięk budzika i uspokajać wszystkich dookoła, że to tylko alarm, że za dwie godziny trzeba wstać. Potem idziesz spać. A po 5minutach dochodzi do ciebie, że to był budzik na pobudkę a reszta była w śnie.


New Music List

Hi :)
my music list bar on the right side doesn't work - I can't add there new tracks :(
so I'm gonna post 'em as a normal post :)

Ben Howard-The wolves

Daughter- Candles

Don Broco- Hold on

Imagine Dragons- Amsterdam

Lana Del Rey - This is what makes us Girls

Soley- Pretty Face

Daughter- Landfill

The Maccabees - Child

Paramore- When It  Rains

 Jonathan Rhys Meyers- This Time

The Maccabees - Feel to Follow


dress -sponsored by Paulina

Hello sweethearts :)
sooooo, my friend have a dress for sale. :)
It's Motel from NEXT and you can find it on their site- http://www.next.co.uk/gl92020s2#l17219gl9
It's size S and she wanna sell it for £50   (Next's price is £55)

It's a very nice dress. Never worn- she just tried it 'cause she bought it through the website.

and if you're interested in buying the dress, please contact me through comments :)

Thank You :)