I'm so sorry
During last few weeks I didn't have enough time for blogging.
well I still haven't got that time to be honest.
Work, gym, sleep. work, sleep, work, work, sleep, sleep, gym, work, work
my life during July and looks like August is going be the same.

and I have a cold. very nasty one,. now I'm fighting so it won't turn into a flu cause then I'll be ill for 2 weeks and I don't want to.
I thought this summer is gonna be different- without being sick, reading books, working and partying. I haven't got enough time for the last one because after work I'm mostly so tired I'm going straight to the bed, watching 2episodes of my fave show and going to sleep.

Next Thursday- results day......
I'm worried I didn't pass my exams as good as I wanted to....
urghhhh, fingers crossed.

gotta write something big soon, well it's written but I'll post it on the results day.

so, see ya ;)