who doesn't want to have a soft skin?
I love when my skin is soft and smell, hmmm, tasty/nice/yummy ;P
That's why I adore Sephora :D

Sephora is a French  brand and chain of cosmetics stores founded in Paris in 1970, and acquired by French  conglomerate LVMH  in 1997.
The Sephora chain includes more than 750 stores in 17 countries. Carrying over 250 brands, along with their own private label , Sephora offers beauty products including makeup, skincare, fragrance, haircare, bath and body products, and hair and make-up tools.

Since 2010 I'm buying one taste/smell - Caramel ;) it's my favourite one. I also like chocolate and cranberry but caramel makes me feel good.
If you're on a diet, it's great cause you can smell it as many times as you want to. :D

I'm gonna use mine caramel butter now ;)
See ya later :*


Sun and lake. And Merida :)

Jak się macie? :D

Wczoraj spędziłam dzień nad jeziorem w Górkach z Kamilka i Igaskiem ;D
Było super, szkoda tylko, że spaliłam sobie cały "tył" na słońcu i nawet noszenie głupiej torby na ramię boli, o siedzeniu na tyłku nie wspominając heh ;)

A kto nie widział jeszcze "Brave" powinien wybrać się do kina;D śmiałyśmy się z Martą jak głupie ;)


And I find it kinda funny I find it kinda sad The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had I find it hard to tell you I find it hard to take When people run in circles It's a very, very mad world mad world



How are you guys?
I'm in Warsaw now and it's more than "great" :3
Since Friday I have a new baby cousin- Inga ;D beautiful girl;)

I saw To Rome with Love. It's okay, Allen is great but the whole film isn't something special. But still worth seeing ;)

Pics from last week (don't have pics from Saturday:/)

Have a nice day guys xxx Carol

P.S. I'm goin' back to Plock for 3days :D


Batman xD

Hello :D
I'm so happy. Today we went (with Matt) to the cinema to see the newest Batman :D it was amazing. Too long but still amazing. Yeah, I know. I like all Nolan's films and I adore Christian Bale, no matter who he's playin' a psycho, a child or dom dom dom..... Batman ;D xdD
Cat woman :3 was perfect ;) much better than the one played by Hallie Berry ;D
I don't wanna tell too much cause maybe some of you guys still haven't seen it, e.g. my sister;) and I'm a spoiler person so.... Hahahaha

I love movies like Batman. well, who doesn't love comic heroes? ;P and I'm a girl who can't live without action movies with fight scenes, explosions, guns and races, etc. they're substances of action films. Ahhhhh :3 I need to see the expendables 2 uahahahahaha;)

Oh, I was crying' at Batman and Matt laughed at me.... T.T thx Matt, love I 2...


Ordinary girl

She was an ordinary girl. Bright skin, golden hair and big brown eyes. She was who she was and she never wanted to change her personality or look. She had a tattoo- "be proud of yourself". So she was. She was living a dream and no one could destroy her perfect world. But one day she met a boy. He became her world... But she never meant a world to him. Their first anniversary was the saddest day in her hometown. Girl's heart fell apart when her lover said she was just a toy. A distraction  from his problems. And he left.
She died because of a broken heart and her perfect world fell apart. Her hometown wasn't the same without her smile and laugh. 
But it always ends sorrowfully when you're just a distraction not object of adoration.


Forget what we're told before we get too old...

Hello :P
I thought it would be good to make  Saturday post full of music;D

My amazing grandpa gave me,a password to his internet so I decided to write and show you guys what I'm listing to today;)
Especially I can't edit my music list which is on the left side;) (mobile blogger duh)





Yesterday we went to the cinema for Yuma with Iga. I can't say it was a bad movie but I expected more. Gierszal great as always, storyline was interesting, Kot was amazing (after all those shitty comedies) but still I feel like something was missing..
Well anyway, it wasn't bad;P




great memories <3
My exam results are not as good as I wanted 'em 2be but it's not so bad. Media studies B, History D (just 1 point to C ;<) Eng.LAng D;< but hell yeah I can resit history and english ;D


Hello ;)
It's a quick and short post.
4th day in Poland and I miss my home, my job (gurls, keep cherries for me;>) and my town :)))
but it doesn't change the fact I like spending time with family and my friends ;)

And I have a new glasses xD
2moro exam results (scared) and I'm afraid of the moment when my sis will send me a txt with,my,grades #fingers_crossed

Hope you're having a nice time guys ;D

Carol xxxx


The last evening...

Soooooooooo, hello holidays ;D
3 weeks in Poland ;D
I can't believe! 
3 weeks without making baguettes, mopping the floor, making coffee and sayin' "what kind of coffee? large coffee for extra 20p? anything else?" hahahaha :)

oohhh :( it also means 3 weeks without A :'( why ooohh why? :<    saaaaaaaaaad face!

but my little angel is already waitin' for me in Slupno ;) my little sunshine :) can't wait to hold her and hear her "Talolino" instead "Karolino" ;D

Pics from our, hmmmm, crazy evening ;) Thanks Kesja for being our great photographer ;) I love you sis ;*:*:*

hellooooo! I'm here too! I stucked here!!!! ;D

Eatin' cookies and thinkin' what to say ;D

She's a devil :P

with my "baby" cousin ;))

awwwkwwwaaard xD

"do a lady face!" hahaha

weirdos ;D

we're sexy and we know it xDD

I like trains :D
"hahaha, funny!"

whaaat ?! :D

:) because it's a blog about my life I need  to tell you guys I have a new bookshelf and a wardrobe ;D xD
gonna write  a new post when I'll find a wi-fi in Poland ;) what literary means if my grandpa will give me a password to his internet at home :P
Take care guys ;*

P.S. Announcement to people from Stockport, Manchester and other places near of Stockport :P


It's gonna be MY YEAR xD

Here's a thing. Last weeks are pretty good. Even great I could say. I have a job which sometimes is hard but I love it :) My cousin is visiting us ;) she's cute and funny ;) and I'm going abroad in 4days what is great;)

I feel like everything is great, just I'd like it to be. It's weird coz usually everything falls apart xD
fingers crossed for my pretty good weeks, please don't end to soon ;)


I was thinking about next year. I'm gonna continue my courses and gonna work during school year. Still can't decide between Salford and Aberystwyth so I'll apply on both of 'em ;D
Now Iąm sure I wanna make movies- write scripts and direct them :) all in one haha ;P

Okay, I'm goin' to watch Teen Wolf with my cousin (today 2nice men from Virgin media came and taadaaa we're having wi-fi net at home) finally! :D thank you Daddy ;*

Take care guys ;)
xxxx, Carol


Hello :)
so there's no bin for deleted posts on blogger :(  looks like I just have to forget abt last post (just few pics).

Since Monday we're shopping. nothing else, just spending money. ;) life is simple hah :P

Same colour as my hair ;D