No hej:)
Mam nadzieję, że u was robaczki wszystko super i przygotowujecie się do wakacji :)
Czwartek, godzina 12:00. oficjalne rozpoczęcie (moich) wakacji :3
wprawdzie 16sierpnia musze wpaśc do szkoly po wyniki egzaminów, ale potem do 3.09 luzik i chillowanie ;)

pracy nadal poszukuje ...

Ale, ale! są tez i wieści dobre, wręcz superowe (dziwne to słowo-superowe...<myśli>)
w czwartek dostanę kamerę. na całe wakacje będzie tylko moja :3 kocham nasz college za możliwość wypożyczenia sprzętu i to za darmo :) tak więc zapoznam się ze sprzętem i zacznę powolutku kręcić swój filmik ;) w końcu coursework sam się nie zrobi:) przy okazji może się okazać, że nie tylko screenwritng, ale i directing będzie wyznacznikiem mojej przyszłości (nie ukrywam, bardzo bym chciała;)

Na mediach oglądaliśmy film, który za każdym razem robi na mnie wrażenie- Matrix.
Bracia Wachowski zrobili fajny film, który wprowadził spore zmiany, np. w 1999 bullet-shot był czymś nowym, tak samo przejście ze slow motion do fast motion.

Właśnie spojrzałam na zegarek. Jest juz po północy...
To ja lecę do łóżka, jutro(sorry dzisiaj) rano mają przyjśc naprawiac dach i są małe szanse na wyspanie się -.-'

trzymajcie się ;*

PS koleżanka zapytała mnie dlaczego często jak mówię/piszę pomijam articles i wiecie co, jak tak teraz o tym myślę, to rzeczywiście zdarza mi sie to coraz częściej. A co jej odpowiedziałam - "bo życie bez articles jest prostsze i lepsze" xD taaak, ja i moje wychodzenie poza ramy przyjętych standardów LoL xd

zobaczycie, za kilkanaście, no może kilkadziesiąt lat artcles zginą śmiercią naturalną w procesie informalisation :PP

"ramy przyjętych standardów" ? nie wiem co jaram, ale niezłego kopa daje xD


-.- + ^.^ = ^.-

Saturday. I woke up early because I had plans - UM organised an open day. Actually, I didn't go. I didn't go because I woke up with a fever and sore throat -.-
Yeah, "lucky" me..

But there's a bright side of my lazy, only in the bed, weekend ;)
I found my favourite anime Fushigi Yuugi on YT ;3
 all 50episodes <om nom nom>
And that's what I'm doing -> watching, watching, tea, watching, watching, toilet, watching, watching :)

I have to go, 25 episodes left ;) Miaka, Hotohori & Tamahome can't wait too long ;PP

Tomorrow is  Monday but it's okay. It's the last week till holidays ;)

P.S. Hey guys, which one anime do you like (if you like anime;]) ?? Reply via comment;)


Tattoos and my bad moood

Bad mood….
It was a very long day. I was thinking about future. Lessons were in a different space and so was I. Damn, I wish I had something cool in my cup now…Why it’s so hard to forget some things? 
Oh, I have anew fave word – pathetic… Guess why. Yes, because it’s a perfect synonym for Caroline -.-
I’m having nightmares for a week. Simple scenarios:  I’m going somewhere and I have an accident- guy knocks me down. Or I’m going home and abruptly I’m bringing blood up. Blood is everywhere…

Maybe that’s because I’m tired and my mental state could be better?…
Don’t know, I just don’t know…

Because I promised here’s a few words about tattoos.
I’d like to have a tattoo but as long as I’m living with my parents it’s impracticable. They wouldn’t accept it.
So I’m gonna wait….

Maybe I don’t have one but I like when a guy have one or two or more ;)
Tattoos work like a magnet on many girls ;))
Black, colourful, catch phrase, quote, animal or whatever you want.

I wanna have a treble clef and a phrase “Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect”. Quite nice idea, isn’t it?
My favourite photos: 


New Music List

Ahoj ;)

I uploaded new music list for this week;)
On the right you can check what I'm listing to this week ;PP

and tomorrow I'll write about tattoos ;)

Take care xxx 

University = Changes

Changes, changes, changes….

Changes always give us an opportunity for a new beginning (well beginning always is new;P) but not every changes are as welcome as the one which we had planned.

R asked which uni did I chose and during the weekend I thought about my choice. Well choosing only 1 university is a stupid idea (don’t wanna make the same mistake again). Here came the thought- looking near the home or far away? What I want? I wanna make films. I wanna be me. But I’m not sure do I want live at the other side of the island where I have nobody to talk? So maybe Manchester? I heard MMU is a terrible idea and I’m not sure do I want to study at UM after  how they treated me last year (assholes). Maybe Salford then? I’m just worried sth will go wrong and it all will end like a year ago when all my dreams fell apart…

My sister wanna study in Liverpool (or how she calls it “ Liverpórze” ;) ) or in Salford so we’re going for an open days. I wanted go to Aberystwyth but spending 60 pounds for a train is a joke. Maybe in October I’ll go there;)
Open days are a great opportunity for asking about many things like accommodation, course,  scholarship; talk with the other students and tutors, checking is this place really for me?
I’m still looking for a film school like the one in Łódz. I even thought about coming back to Poland after college and study there but I’m not an idiot (only idiot would make 4 steps back after making 2 forward).

                So if you know any good school/uni/course, send me an email please;) remember- I’m looking for a film studies which focuses on writing script and directing;)

2 days ago was a game. The most important since I remember. We got a chance for changing our history. And we lose. I went to my room and cried like a baby. But we love our team because that’s what Poles do- we are with them when they win and when they lose. Maybe we’re not in quarterfinals but we’re still a host and a lot of things changed in our country for better like train stations, we have motorways;) and finally we showed Europe we’re not the land of Neanderthals and how great people Poles are ;)
I’m proud of being Pole and no matter where I’m gonna live, I’ll always remember who I am.

Change your life and remember where you came from ;)
Have a nice day guys ;*

P.S. Someone said I make grammatical mistakes. Well, some of them are deliberate and some exist because I was too lazy to check the text before posting. It’s not my native language but I’m still learning more and more ;)
F**k grammar, linguists think in next 10-15 years verb in 3rd single person at Present Simple will lose “s” ;) no more I run, You run, She runs ;D

Take care xxxx


I was busy in last few days and don't know when I'll be able to write a new post and update my music list (on the right).
Just want to tell you guys how much I appreciate the fact you're reading my blog and you're interesting how am I and what I'm posting. Thank y'all ;* ;* ;* ;* ;*



Well, I'm happy :) I really am. 
1. I changed my english lang group and had fun today in the new one (thanks girls) ;)
it's more comfortable when you can work with friends and also have fun.

2. The match ended in a draw 1:1. But it's okay. We didn't lose the match, that's the most important. I believe in our national team, go Poland, go! I hope it'll be okay & we'll beat Czech Republic ;) no offence:P

3. I continue writing a script. <yay me>

4. Yesterday I played volleyball and here's a good news, I haven't forget how to play ;)

5. I'm gonna find a summer job. I'm determined... and I'm looking for it... and, hmm... I'm a nice person. ? xdD

My very good friend Iga, hello Iga;) , asked me why it's so hard to add a comment so I changed settings and now it's a piece of cake so if you have any doubts/questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Write your thought as a comment and I'll give my best to answer questions;)

 Am I the only person who wanna eat a watermelon NOW so badly? Probably, I am xD

hello, I'm so crazy, weirdos beat you, so call me maybe :PP

I was immersed in thought... Why not? 

It's a personal joke :P


It's Sunday xD

Well, what can I say. 2moro college... A2 hurray;P
I think it's stupid. we're goin' to the college for 3 weeks and again we'll have a break. this time it'll be longer than 20 days :P

but it has a bright sides too ;) I'm gonna meet my friends and have fun with 'em.

have a nice Sunday guys and remember, smile is a pure beauty ;*


short note

Aloha ;) how are you, guys? ;))
I had lot of things to do in last days. I mean sleeping and watching my fav tv series ;P

but it's not like I'm doing nothing productive, for 2 weeks I'm on a "diet". I just eat less, no salt or sweets, etc. It's funny how stupid I was and what I did to myself. okay it's not xd
However, Aneta is very helpful. We're running together ;) next month we're starting gym,)
Hope everything is gonna be okay ;P

Today and tomorrow we've got a bank holidays ;) thx Queen Elisabeth ;]

Have a nice day guys ;*