I've been going through my previous posts and realised how good this year has been so far. I've learnt plenty of things, met wonderful people, discovered who I can trust and who deserve a little push from the stairs. Year of laughs and cries but everyday is making me stronger, growing and preparing to be a woman I want to be. I'm really feeling blessed.                

Now, I'm not posting a lot and I'm sorry for that. Wanna write about so many things but I'm working all the time and haven't got much time left for sharing my thoughts and experiences with you, strangers and friends.
but I promised to do sth to change that for better ;)

Now it's raining so I'm gonna dedicate myself to the chilled weather, wind and chilled music by Delilah so I can think about changes I'm about to do as I'm at the point of redefining my life.
But let's keep new definitions for the next post. when I'll be able to share it and speak out loud about changes.....

Love you all,
C xxxxxx


Röyksopp -You don't have a clue

Now you're just pretending
You're hiding from yourself
Yes you are, yes you are
Like golden rays of sun in the cloud