music, music in the air! :D

uh oh uh :)
Spring break... finally :) 2 weeks off. gonna work hard but at least don't have to go to the college ;) #positive

on Sunday I'll post reviews of Justin Timberlake and Woodkid's new albums ;)

but for now you can enjoy...



nothing new

hello :)
school week is nearly over and I have to finish my eng lang coursework till Friday and then we have some filming to do so probably won't be here till Tuesday :\
wanna make you smile so I'm sharing Veganville skit SNL with Justin T ;)

take care guys,


let's make it better

it was a very long and exhausting weekend (first time in my life exhausting without going out)...
sooo, I decided to make new week a better one ;)
music is goin' to help :)

great video ;)

have a good Monday.


fall asleep. it's over

Few days ago I found out you can be over your friend. It's weird how you can be through with somebody who was very important and big part of your life. But maybe that's what I do. I invite people to my life too fast. I'm so gullible.. 21 and still naive. And I keep thinking why does it hurt so much? Maybe because I let people to hurt me ? Maybe because this kind of pain contains memories and feelings we had to these people?
We all make mistakes but what if some of us make them intentionally? what if some people know what they're doing?
believe me, I tried. I did a lot to save our friendship. But we all know, no matter what kind of "ship" (relationship, friendship etc) it is, if you wanna save it, both sides have to work and try.
It's hard when you feel that you're in it on your own. when you KNOW that it all depends on YOU.
Last week I felt used, unserviceable, unappreciated. do you remember how Woody felt when Andy was playing only with Buzz Lightyear? Well, Andy at least came back to Woody (after all they were best friends).
the funniest thing? People were trying to convince me to end this sick relation long time ago and I was so stubborn. No, she's my friend. blah blah blah. but was I a friend to her? Because I'm not sure anymore....  
Just like you can't fix a broken heart, you can't fix our friendship. But maybe in the future she'll understand her mistakes and say sorry not because she should but because she'll really regret what she did. And maybe I'll forgive her and give a one last chance....



what's up?
hope you're enjoying the last hours of weekend :P
 here's some photos ;)


new music list ;P

hellooooo ;)
it's Friday, Friday. just eng lesson and hello weekend ;)