Family Time ;)

Hello guys ;*
Na specjalne życzenie mojej uroczej kuzynki Marty, dzisiejszy post bd w jęz.polskim ;)

Tak więc od soboty Marta jest u nas ;)
jest fajnie (pomijając fakt, że codziennie pracuję xd), ale dzisiaj miałam wolne więc pojechałyśmy na zakupy do Manchesteru ;D zlatane i wymęczone, ale szczęśliwe ;)

ja jutro do pracy a rodzinka ze znajomymi jedzie podbijac York ;D

a tak w ogóle to czasami chcesz byc fair wobec innych i wykazac się kulturą osobista, ale trafiasz na ludzi wobec których nie warto byc fair. #just_sayin'

PS.  hahaha xDD

XxxxX Carol ;*


hello Wednesday

Hi ! :)
hope you all are fine ;)

Guess what, Summer is in the UK! Seriously, 28/30 degrees, sun, blue sky.
I'm happy coz it's lovely outside but I just can't stand the heat.  Srsly, I hate heat waves!

Oohh and my problems with sleep came back (it's not insomnia!) :( dunno what's goin' on with me ;\ any ideas?

Photos from my Instagram:

my new top - DIY

Aneta and her protest

Sunny Stockport

shoes for my baby cousin ;)

I bought a dress :3
My lovely sista <3

See Ya later ;) XXXX


Musical Sunday

Hello :) How R U? :)

I have a free day :) good for me. Especially I burned my hand yesterday :(  Matthew said it's because I'm clumsy xD  so yes, I had a good day at work >_< 

weekend latino (4funtv) with my Mummy ;)

and I'm trying write a review (yup still working on it).......

So have a good Sunday (as sunny & hot as here, in Manchester) and remember to party hard ;D

P.S. New Music List ;) check on the right ;)


Wayfaring stranger and negotiations

I'm playing diamonds in my bed and listing to Ed Sheeran.
I'm tired as hell...

Today I noticed that I'm negotiating with myself. Always.
What to do, what should I buy or wear, what to eat, etc.
It's sad. I'm desperate trying to get back my old body shape and lazy part of me negotiates "do less sit-ups than yesterday coz you are tired" or what scares me the most "you can eat a cookie or 2 or even 5 coz you haven't eat sweets for a month".....

I'm an idiot or ... No there is no "or". I'm definitely IDIOT!!! ;__; Goodness, why me? :'(

Tomorrow I'm going to work, hope it's gonna be a better day than today.....

Better than any lullaby - Wayfaring Stranger by Ed Sheeran   




Hello :)
hope y'all had a great week :)
I was working and when I had a free day I did my body exercises and danced with Michael. Yup yup charley horse -.- ouch!

breaking news! I'm addicted to Instagram hehe xD I adore the app but first I'm using PicsArt than I'm posting on Insta ;) PA has more options than Insta for android phones :'( (not missing my iPhone)

Anyway, 2moro I'm probably working but in the afternoon I'm gonna cinematize first scenes to my summer clip ;))  <soo happy, soo excited>

Here's the song I'm fascinated with :)  live room version is great, you can see and hear how big talent Ed Sheeran has :)
thx Aneta for the link ;*

Take care guys xxxx,  Carol ;*



Hello, I have a few minutes for posting pink& purple ombre hair style :)
I wanna have lavender / purple ombre but Matthew doesn't like the idea :( 

but it doesnt't mean I'm not gonna do it =D


Hi guys! How are you?

I watched "The Help" with my Mummy :) great movie but book was much better ;P

Now I'm writing a review and an article for a competition :) and I get a job so in next week I won't be here :(

but I wish y'all a great sunny week, have fun and remember abt me :)

Carol xxxx



Hello :)
what do you think abt new background, guys?

I have a ticket. Yes, TICKET ;) hello friends :)

I have a ticket, I'm gonna meet my friends,
We gonna party, like nobody else,
We gonna dance till the dance floor falls apart,
Uh oh, all over again :)

hah, crazy me :P

Florence + The Machine - Breathe of life

Frank + Derol - Lighting + Gold

Have a nice weekend guys :) xxx




"We've got something to show with the touch of the love" Frank + Derol

As I promised.
Last Thursday I was on my first Zumba lesson and it was ah-mah-zinG! ( big thank you Kate for recommending Zumba;)

I was as red as tomato and as tired as after running in the marathon ;D

 Tomorrow next lesson :))

Zumba is a dance fitness program. It involves dance and aerobic elements. Zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Squats and lunges are also included.

Zumba is burning calories by having fun :)

Watch the video to check how does it look like :)

 for more informations -> Zumba official site
I'm still planning to buy Zumba for PS3 ;)


Hello July :)

Oh, I can't believe it's July !
My second favourite month after May :D

It's rainy, cloudy day here but I'm glad -> HOLIDAYS, we're gonna party hard ;))

Yesterday we went for an open day. and guess what. I must study at Salford University!!!

MediaCity is amazing! Place full of technology, professional studios, BBC's buildings, river. :3

People were nice, helpful. It was a perfect day :)

Later I'll write abt my first Zumba lesson and now I'm gonna take a nap ;)

Have a nice day guys ;* xx