I hope y'all gonna have an amazing week :)
Mine's will be extremely busy as I've got a deadline on Friday but can't complete my project cause have an interview on Tuesday and still have to record VO (on Wednesday).
so please, keep your fingers crossed for me ;)



no make-up selfie

You've probably noticed new facebook trend - no make-up selfie as an awarness of cancer and form of supporting charities.
I'm sorry but I don't see the point of taking a pic and posting in on facebook. That's what we do everyday and I have no idea how's that supporting any charity. You're not donating anything, not supporting or volunteering in this big war with the cancer. 
It's just a photo you may post anyway. Ha, maybe sayin' ooohhhh I'm so ugly etc just to get likes and comments sayin' u r beautiful, luv ya pretty, omg u look great.
I went shopping today and when came to paying cashier asked me do I wanna donate a pound or more for a charity. Yeah, why not. It's real money goin' to 'em and helping in the cancer research 
Or you can do what Cat did

Choice is yours, but please, #selfie, seriously?


resurrection of the music list

it's time to resurrect music posts :)
hope you're ready cause I've got few good tunes ;)

here's my number one of the past week -


perfect morning- sitting in the garden, drinking coffee, weather is beautiful. like the one I had in Poland.
wish in the future my life will be like that, chill morning with a good music, working since very morning in the garden and thinking about life.
so far, so good.
pieces are coming together, I'm happy.
during last weeks many things happened. good and bad but mostly good.
not gonna hide, not gonna run,
will face challenges life is giving to me.
I was like a child afraid of changes and life.
Now I'm growing up and still making mistakes but life depends on them cause mistakes are lessons. and we learn from them.


spent amazing 10 days in Poland
friends reminded me who I am and what's my price
not gonna forget my pride 
will stay the same
thought a lot about many things
and now I know that I'm more important than some people who are messing with my head and tryin' to change me.