hahaha, Carol

Hello :)
before I'll start sayin' what I wanna say ....
music on

 and here we go :)

Never forget who you are, where you're from and be yourself. Always.

read it somewhere in the internet and start thinking what I like and dislike in my life. I can't resist the fact I like my past. I mean, there were some tough moments and memories I want to burn and forget but you know, past makes us who we are and even if sometimes I wanted to die rather than goin' through the s**t I had to set my face against, I would do it again.
all the good and bad things made me who I am. Carol. the real Carol and I like the girl I became. she knows what she wants, sometimes she's scared of big things but knows they're good for her and after all she wants them more than any other thing in the world and fear goes away. she's enjoying her life. she's proud of who she is, proud of being Pole.
sometimes Carol is lazy (but who aren't?), she's exercising to get what she wants (so far -one size down) and to be healthy (for herself and for one little girl who's gonna watch her and follow).
maybe Carol is (almost) 21yrs old and still lives with parents but she's studying and working and wants to travel :)

few days ago I was passing the mirror and stopped for a sec. looked at myself and first time was happy to see my face. not like I don't like how I look. I was just glad to see the smile and fire in my eyes. I'm just happy. maybe sometimes it's hard 'cause of coursework and homeworks and I'm spending more money than I earn but it cool. Living the moment, being me and forgetting things which were stopping me from moving on.
oh and guess what. I always hated leggings (maybe that's because of some girls who wear tights instead of leggings and it looks awful?)
anyway, I bought a pair and I love 'em. so comfortable. xD who knew ;P
oh Carol :)

yeah... I might be weird but whatever. ;)

inspired by weheartit.com



waitin' for Oscars... and I'm soo sleepy huh...

dunno what's wrong with some people. I mean. there's one girl. she's a very important person in my life and I don't know what happened. she plays dumb (or she really is and I was blind), changes boys likes gloves (new boy every month) and it's kinda sad. don't want ppl to think she's easy or she's a slut. ehhhhhh....... seriously dunno what to do. *shaking her isn't working

and I'm tired, I hate english lang. coursework. goin' through course (and the exam) yup that was hard but coursework.... yikes!

and I'm watching underemployed. yesss. I love it. it's something new. Fresh. has THE thing. :)

 gonna post some inspirations. sounds good?
it's gettin' cold here :\

and I miss sunny weather from last week

take care guys

*pics from weheartit.com


if I only could... nah, I don't have to

not gonna say that my life is a disaster because finally it's not :)
I'm in a good mood, like.... you know... when you can feel the awesomeness around ya ;)
music, movies, friends, fun.
yes, yes, yes. it's great and haters cannot take the power away from me :P
now I know how stupid I was tryin' to change myself.
we can work at our character to be better people but no matter what we can't change who we are. because we are great and special. just the way we are :)
spring came to Manchester and hope it'll stay forever. clear blue sky, sun. gosh, it's so beautiful outside. glad I'm walking to college today :)

hope you'll have a great day guys :)

P.S. my new chillin' tracks ;)


I'm back

life doesn't have to be fair. we have to take it the way it is and turn it into something great, something worth remembering in the future. something we'll be proud of.

a week ago I became a godmother. some things are gonna change now, some are gonna stay the same. well.....
I'm gonna be more responsible.

Poland was great. cold. snowy. but great. My friends are awesome. maybe we hadn't a lot of time to chat and for hangin' out but the fact we met and spent some time 2gether mean a world to me. it really does. I love them. we're not judging each other, we understand each other.

fellin' blessed for having them <3

fingers crossed for May (Matthew's coming) and for the Summer (Peter's coming) :)



We can't forget empty promises, we want believe that one day they'll come true. We keep lying and hurting each other. It's not worth it. It's not love. Not anymore. So please, just walk away. Live me alone with my sorrows. Even if you don't understand how I feel, give me a chance for the life I deserve- without you in it.
You broke me once, you broke me twice and I don't feel stronger. You,broke my heart and I don't have another one. It can't be replaced. just go. Leave. Walk away and avoid me till the end of the world. I don't need more reasons. just walk and don't come back....


hello :)
sorry for such a long break from posting but I was extremely busy.
had to end my media coursework essay (spent a week on adding research and editing).

ohh! On Tuesday I had an interview - Television Production (FD)
I think it was good (worked 5 days to create perfect portfolio :P)

and just 5 hrs and I'm going to Poland :3
excited, happy, smiling

take care guys xxxxxxxxxxxx\