one song and thousand thoughts...

And we keep running away from ourselves,
from problems,
from people
from the present
from the past
we keep running away because our wounds are still open and we're not strong enough to confront the world
maybe we're still kids who need a help to solve the mystery maybe we're not who we taught we are.


I've been told to be the best but at the same time they were tellin' me I'm not good enough. Didn't matter what I did, I heard 'she sucks. she can't do anythin' good' and I believed that.
I believed I'm worse than others, I believed whatever I'll say will be stupid (because I am stupid) and my dreams are pointless because I'm not good enough to make them come true. Because I'm ordinary.

My point is that I don't fell ordinary. I never did. I was always different. Maybe crazy. I know what people think about me and that it's hard to like me without tryin' to know me ( because who wants to be friends with a crazy person. )


I know I'm silly, childish, sometimes even immature but it doesn't mean I'm worse or stupid. Maybe I see things differently. Like today I admitted my brother is fit. and people were like whoa you can't say that. well I can. It's a fact. he's fit. and as his sister I should admit it. I know how much effort he puts to look good, how much time he spends at the gym, takes vitamins, drinks shakes. I know all of that and I'm proud of him cause he does it for himself nor society or girls.
I see things black or white. There's good and there's evil. Simple.

I've learnt few things recently about myself  and I'm going to develop this amazing knowledge about my weird brain.

We can't destroy someone because we think he's different, we can't tell 'em they're useless or ordinary. Because everyone is different in their own extraordinary magical way. We breath with the same air, our hearts pomp blood in the same way, we're looking at the same blue sky so why trying to be better by making others feel small? It doesn't make you taller. It makes you a cheater. You can be better at something like riding a bike, singing or making films but non of us have the power or acquiescence to be better than others because of their status, money or body.

God, I'm so happy I'm no longer in high school. But with what I've learnt in England about life and Carol so far, I would be walking with my head high. But high school is in the past. Buried deep down.
now is present. brand new day.
slowly pieces are coming together to create something big.
going to Poland next month, 2weeks later going to Paris.
couldn't be happier.
and my own McDreamy came back. and I was worried cause 2 guys is too much. we'll see. wanna be on my own now. it's the me time.