Jersey Shore phenomen

Ostatnia praca domowa z english language to negatywna recenzja programu telewizyjnego. So enjoy (just like my teacher ;P ).

4mln people watched 1st season and more than 8,5mln spectators when 2nd season was emitted. New MTV’s reality show is certainly one of the least worth seeing programmes, but seeing results is impressing. That’s why Jersey Shore phenomenon is so astonishing. 
American reality show, very popular American reality show. I could say too popular. Why so many people are watching it? This program carry no educational premises, unless being unbridled is a part of education.
The main idea of program was to show how 8 guidos (american Italians) spent their vacations in Seaside Heights. They work in the t-shirt shop and they spent every night in the clubs. (We can read that at MTVs website). ‘Nothing special’ I thought but I switched on TV. After five minutes I was ready to throw out my flat screen. It’s ridiculous that people are buying product like this one. Media are promoting muscular, good looking guys who are lookin’ for one night date and girls who’s best friend is solarium & their life motto is ‘You must look good or you’re nobody’.
In Jersey Shore we’ve got more brilliant, almost educational, life instructions like: ‘muscles + gel + solarium = sex’ , the real party boy must pick up all the prettiest girl only for having fun with them or  “It doesn’t matter if he has a girlfriend. If you want him, go and take him”.
Jersey Shore became a cultural phenomen. In regard of it is controversial form people want watching it over and over again. Why? Because it’s so stupid and we have fun watching Snookie and her friends. We laugh at them, their stupidity, look and no-life opportunities. Fascinating is that MTV shows us it’s nothing bad being like our characters and we start accepting people like them. We start being like them. All society is growing stupid and for them there is no problem.
                Jersey Shore is showing us how easy we can become a celebrities. We don’t need any qualification for that. We must be wild, ready for everything and licentious. So show your ass and become one of “People” people or, just like me, switch off your TV and go for a walk.

za wszelakie błędy przepraszam, choc nie powinno ich byc, bo Dana już sprawdziła i oceniła moją pracę.

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