Let the Skyfall When it crumbles

Cat Power- Keep on runnin'

Hi :) happy 12,001 pageviews :) thank you guys :*
yesterday we watched Skyfall. It was great. I highly recommend new Bond. 
He's done with Vesper and sentiments, tries get back to the best condition and even if his body fails, he's still smart and charming. We want to succumb his charm and take place of Severine or Eve.

nice scene in casino, Makau and I liked the scene in Shanghai when Bond follows the killer and kills him- using neon lights and darkness was nice. but you know, it's my opinion :)
I'll try to end my review for Saturday so I could provide more detailed opinion about the film :)

and Adele's theme song is great as well :)

I'm going do my Zumba exercises and work on my media coursework.
have a good night :)
 Carol xxxx

P.S. Today I was sayin' recipe instead of recipt and when I realized my mistake I felt like an idiot. :/

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