Tunnel Vision

Hey guys,
hope y'all alright.

I spent almost the whole day with R and it was great. He showed me JT's new video and I'm really surprised they first banned it on YT and know you have to be registered to watch it because of 3 pairs of, pardon my language, boobs.

The 20/20 Experience is without a doubt Justin's best  album so far and I can't wait for the 2nd part of it which is coming out in September (R, thanks for sharing the magical news) and Tunnel Vision is in my top 3 fave songs from 20/20.
R didn't tell me to which song the video is but I recognise it with from the very first seconds and I knew it's gonna be a good if not great (and to me it is a GREAT video, just sayin') video clip.
Straight to the point- the video is modest, subtle, the lighting and colours are perfect. It's allowing you to focus on the music and think about what the lyrics are, to understand the message
I know I might sounds crazy but let's face it when the song is good and you add a good video too it you've got a master piece called art (and yes, some videos of Linkin Park/Michael Jackson/Green Day are art too, so it's not like I'm saying it because it's JT's video).

In Tunnel Vision  nudity is not vulgar and if we would compare it with hip-hop clips, I would even start thinking about creating a new, stronger word defining vulgarity 'cause rappers are treating naked women as meat...

Trust me,the first thing you'll notice is not nudity and it's more like an artistic metaphor for the lyrics than a vulgar picture of naked ladies dancing around JT and showing what mother nature gave to them. 

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