We learn new things every single day.
About life, about the world but mostly about ourselves. About who we are and who we want to be.
Our whole life is like a one big lesson and we have to learn as much as we can to become better people and make a difference.
Sometimes it's like a torture but we have to take the life as it is and turn it into something amazing so we could be proud of what we created and who we are.
The hardest thing is not to lose the spark inside, because that spark is the true You which will be needed to stay the real you, just better.
Sometimes people want us to change,  without a reason or by sayin' "do it for me". We should change for ourselves, not for parents, friends or boy/girl. Because if we won't achieve the goal of being a better 2.0 version of Carol/Matt/whoever they'll be dissapointed and will blame us.
It's hard to be who we are and be accepted if we are weird or just simply different than the others.
We are human beings and it's in our DNA to try so hard for people who we love but if we try too hard we can ruin everything and lose people who we care about.

I tried too hard and I lost. Nothing will be the same but I will try to be better me without that person and I hope that one day I'll find someone who will take that place but not as a replacement. As a true friend who deserves to be so close.

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