by Serena

Sometimes you're lost and you feel alone
Sometimes you're lost but you've got a place to go
And sometimes you can't get lost 'cause you're trapped in the golden cage.
You can't run,
You can't scream,
You can't do anything because apparently, you are the one who locked the cage doors and throw the key away.

My cage is different.
There's no lock. No key. Just me.
I can leave whenever I want. Can be free.
The trouble is - I don't want to. I'm in a warm place where people are nice.
Everything should be going well.
It's not because cage is comfier than the outside world.

The scare wasn't given in DNA. It was taight by close people and by the tough real life.
It was like a samll life lesson
And I decided to take the easiest way.
I'll leave my cage, just as you'll leave yours.
The only difference is I can do it anytime, you have to ask for being setted free.

Enough for now...

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