no make-up selfie

You've probably noticed new facebook trend - no make-up selfie as an awarness of cancer and form of supporting charities.
I'm sorry but I don't see the point of taking a pic and posting in on facebook. That's what we do everyday and I have no idea how's that supporting any charity. You're not donating anything, not supporting or volunteering in this big war with the cancer. 
It's just a photo you may post anyway. Ha, maybe sayin' ooohhhh I'm so ugly etc just to get likes and comments sayin' u r beautiful, luv ya pretty, omg u look great.
I went shopping today and when came to paying cashier asked me do I wanna donate a pound or more for a charity. Yeah, why not. It's real money goin' to 'em and helping in the cancer research 
Or you can do what Cat did

Choice is yours, but please, #selfie, seriously?

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