well. I always thought we will survive every disaster. we'll go through the storm together and everything will be okay. because we've got each other. 
It's been ages since our last conversation. I've been home twice. And both times I didn't tell you I'm coming. And now I'm sitting here thinking when can I come again and should I tell you.
Because I'd like to. More than anything. But you're like a stranger. I miss laughs we shared, hugs, support, you sayin' 'bitch make up your mind and live your life the way you want'. you tellin' me everything is gonna be fine. 
yeah we're getting older, growing up. new friends, responsibilities. but we made promises and it's not fair we broke 'em.
it's not fair we did it to each other. made holes in our hearts thinkin' we're replaceable. because this kind of friendship... it happens once in a life time.
don't know what to do. should I let it go. or should I fight. because soon it;s gonna be too late. and if you built a wall already it's pointless because it takes two to fix what's broken between us....

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