is Buka at home?

My last week was hard and weird and it was like falling down. But without meeting the ground.
I couldn't stop eating Doritos and watching movies. I wanted to cry but I drained my tears stores.
Yup girls, period came to the town...
I love October because CWtv starts running their shows. Arrow took The Secret Circle's place and looks like it's gonna be a good show; TVD's new series will be the best one, believe me - 'cause of Damon, vampires, Damon, excitement&sexual tension and Damon;)
Oh, and it's last season of Gossip Girl. Like the last,last, forever! it has only 10 episodes but as we know, GG  equals perfection (at least in terms of fashion;D )
and you can't miss the new season of Glee on Fox. Great songs, great arrangements and many surprises.
I'm off to bed now. Have a goodnight, sweethearts
Carol xxxx

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