music :D

Hello :)
how are my sweethearts? hope you had great Christmas guys :)

I was busy during the Christmas (like we all were :P) and today I had a day off. It feels really good- I mean sleepin' till 11 :p hah

I was speakin' to Matt about my epic txt of the year when reminding myself abt my bro's txt. Nana got films from Santa- Casablanca, Gone with the wind, Doctor Zhivago. and he said Oh, all the best with Marilyn. >.<
 (Nana's a big fan of M.Monroe) xD  pants on fire my dear brother xD

okay, here's new playlist :)

time for get some sleep. i'm acting weird. dunno what's goin' on but it's like being high and drunk xD really random and great mood :D
night night

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