There are three kind of people in the world.
and Grown-ups.

after last 2 months all I know is that my weaknesses make me stronger. Sometimes some things are falling apart but nothing happens without a reason, we have to take the life the way it comes. Accept it and make it better.
I'm not gonna hide, I'll face all problems and consequences of everything I've ever done and said. Sounds like a pay back time but I'm ready.
I think it's time to be a grown-up, face lies, all that mess I've done. To come face to face with my past. No more haunting by memories, no more running away. I'm too old for playing stupid games. I'm no longer a high-school girl.
I have to fight for me, my new life and I have to make it as great as possible so I could be proud of who I am.
It's time to be a grown-up. To be 21.

After all, it's only gonna get better, get right.


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