I spoke to Serena, she's really down now. She lost a friend few weeks ago and she lost herself for  a guy who's not noticing her. She was my 'looking-upto' model. She was strong, independent and mature. She's nothing alike that girl I met months ago. She sent me a link to the quote -> Why is it so hard to get over someone that never even loved you? Why is it no one understands your pain? Why is they never understand that when we say I'm Fine it's always a lie? Why is it we've been telling people I'm fine for so long they never even see behind the masks we wear? We get pushed to the limit, we break and we do the same thing over and over again and they still never figure it out. My only question is, Why?

I don't know what more can I do for her. She's in pieces and I feel like I'm an useless friend :(

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  1. Everyone has it's own tragedies, she needs to solve this problem on her own, and everything you can do is stand by her side. Don't expect from yourself more than you can do, because then you underestimate how much you actually CAN do. Just be there for her.