Well, I'm happy :) I really am. 
1. I changed my english lang group and had fun today in the new one (thanks girls) ;)
it's more comfortable when you can work with friends and also have fun.

2. The match ended in a draw 1:1. But it's okay. We didn't lose the match, that's the most important. I believe in our national team, go Poland, go! I hope it'll be okay & we'll beat Czech Republic ;) no offence:P

3. I continue writing a script. <yay me>

4. Yesterday I played volleyball and here's a good news, I haven't forget how to play ;)

5. I'm gonna find a summer job. I'm determined... and I'm looking for it... and, hmm... I'm a nice person. ? xdD

My very good friend Iga, hello Iga;) , asked me why it's so hard to add a comment so I changed settings and now it's a piece of cake so if you have any doubts/questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Write your thought as a comment and I'll give my best to answer questions;)

 Am I the only person who wanna eat a watermelon NOW so badly? Probably, I am xD

hello, I'm so crazy, weirdos beat you, so call me maybe :PP

I was immersed in thought... Why not? 

It's a personal joke :P

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