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Saturday. I woke up early because I had plans - UM organised an open day. Actually, I didn't go. I didn't go because I woke up with a fever and sore throat -.-
Yeah, "lucky" me..

But there's a bright side of my lazy, only in the bed, weekend ;)
I found my favourite anime Fushigi Yuugi on YT ;3
 all 50episodes <om nom nom>
And that's what I'm doing -> watching, watching, tea, watching, watching, toilet, watching, watching :)

I have to go, 25 episodes left ;) Miaka, Hotohori & Tamahome can't wait too long ;PP

Tomorrow is  Monday but it's okay. It's the last week till holidays ;)

P.S. Hey guys, which one anime do you like (if you like anime;]) ?? Reply via comment;)

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  1. Hi, FY is my fave anime2 :)