University = Changes

Changes, changes, changes….

Changes always give us an opportunity for a new beginning (well beginning always is new;P) but not every changes are as welcome as the one which we had planned.

R asked which uni did I chose and during the weekend I thought about my choice. Well choosing only 1 university is a stupid idea (don’t wanna make the same mistake again). Here came the thought- looking near the home or far away? What I want? I wanna make films. I wanna be me. But I’m not sure do I want live at the other side of the island where I have nobody to talk? So maybe Manchester? I heard MMU is a terrible idea and I’m not sure do I want to study at UM after  how they treated me last year (assholes). Maybe Salford then? I’m just worried sth will go wrong and it all will end like a year ago when all my dreams fell apart…

My sister wanna study in Liverpool (or how she calls it “ Liverpórze” ;) ) or in Salford so we’re going for an open days. I wanted go to Aberystwyth but spending 60 pounds for a train is a joke. Maybe in October I’ll go there;)
Open days are a great opportunity for asking about many things like accommodation, course,  scholarship; talk with the other students and tutors, checking is this place really for me?
I’m still looking for a film school like the one in Łódz. I even thought about coming back to Poland after college and study there but I’m not an idiot (only idiot would make 4 steps back after making 2 forward).

                So if you know any good school/uni/course, send me an email please;) remember- I’m looking for a film studies which focuses on writing script and directing;)

2 days ago was a game. The most important since I remember. We got a chance for changing our history. And we lose. I went to my room and cried like a baby. But we love our team because that’s what Poles do- we are with them when they win and when they lose. Maybe we’re not in quarterfinals but we’re still a host and a lot of things changed in our country for better like train stations, we have motorways;) and finally we showed Europe we’re not the land of Neanderthals and how great people Poles are ;)
I’m proud of being Pole and no matter where I’m gonna live, I’ll always remember who I am.

Change your life and remember where you came from ;)
Have a nice day guys ;*

P.S. Someone said I make grammatical mistakes. Well, some of them are deliberate and some exist because I was too lazy to check the text before posting. It’s not my native language but I’m still learning more and more ;)
F**k grammar, linguists think in next 10-15 years verb in 3rd single person at Present Simple will lose “s” ;) no more I run, You run, She runs ;D

Take care xxxx

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  1. I'm thinking abt Salford too:) My brother is studying there,)