Wayfaring stranger and negotiations

I'm playing diamonds in my bed and listing to Ed Sheeran.
I'm tired as hell...

Today I noticed that I'm negotiating with myself. Always.
What to do, what should I buy or wear, what to eat, etc.
It's sad. I'm desperate trying to get back my old body shape and lazy part of me negotiates "do less sit-ups than yesterday coz you are tired" or what scares me the most "you can eat a cookie or 2 or even 5 coz you haven't eat sweets for a month".....

I'm an idiot or ... No there is no "or". I'm definitely IDIOT!!! ;__; Goodness, why me? :'(

Tomorrow I'm going to work, hope it's gonna be a better day than today.....

Better than any lullaby - Wayfaring Stranger by Ed Sheeran   


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