Hello :)
hope y'all had a great week :)
I was working and when I had a free day I did my body exercises and danced with Michael. Yup yup charley horse -.- ouch!

breaking news! I'm addicted to Instagram hehe xD I adore the app but first I'm using PicsArt than I'm posting on Insta ;) PA has more options than Insta for android phones :'( (not missing my iPhone)

Anyway, 2moro I'm probably working but in the afternoon I'm gonna cinematize first scenes to my summer clip ;))  <soo happy, soo excited>

Here's the song I'm fascinated with :)  live room version is great, you can see and hear how big talent Ed Sheeran has :)
thx Aneta for the link ;*

Take care guys xxxx,  Carol ;*

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