if I only could... nah, I don't have to

not gonna say that my life is a disaster because finally it's not :)
I'm in a good mood, like.... you know... when you can feel the awesomeness around ya ;)
music, movies, friends, fun.
yes, yes, yes. it's great and haters cannot take the power away from me :P
now I know how stupid I was tryin' to change myself.
we can work at our character to be better people but no matter what we can't change who we are. because we are great and special. just the way we are :)
spring came to Manchester and hope it'll stay forever. clear blue sky, sun. gosh, it's so beautiful outside. glad I'm walking to college today :)

hope you'll have a great day guys :)

P.S. my new chillin' tracks ;)

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