waitin' for Oscars... and I'm soo sleepy huh...

dunno what's wrong with some people. I mean. there's one girl. she's a very important person in my life and I don't know what happened. she plays dumb (or she really is and I was blind), changes boys likes gloves (new boy every month) and it's kinda sad. don't want ppl to think she's easy or she's a slut. ehhhhhh....... seriously dunno what to do. *shaking her isn't working

and I'm tired, I hate english lang. coursework. goin' through course (and the exam) yup that was hard but coursework.... yikes!

and I'm watching underemployed. yesss. I love it. it's something new. Fresh. has THE thing. :)

 gonna post some inspirations. sounds good?
it's gettin' cold here :\

and I miss sunny weather from last week

take care guys

*pics from weheartit.com

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