My dearest sweethearts,
I haven't been writing here for a long time. Mostly because I hadn't got a laptop for a month. Now it's working good enough to write and since Sunday I'll be using a brand new one ;)

Don't worry, I'm alive, totally alright, living my big dream (okay, maybe step number 3 of the big dream but hey so far so good).
Just 3 weeks and I'm off to Prague :3 I'm so excited ;)

Just wanna say I love You and I appreaciate that you've been checking my blog when I wasn't here.
Have a tip for ya, as I love music and prob you love too, you can be closer to me by listening John Newman's album Tribute and James Blunt's Moon Landing :)

I love both of them, they're playing non stop on my mp3 ;)

Spread the love and keep smiling


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