Antibiotics- my friends

I'm not well. On Saturday we went for Domi's birthday, it was great. Can't wait to spend mine with them next month. Unfortunately, I got a cold and yesterday felt like a crap. Spent whole night writing essay from multicamera, think it's a good one. I was waiting till the very last day just because I didn't understand the topic and was too proud to ask for an expalnation. Have to work on that- dont let the proud to hold you back cause it may affect your future, mmmhhmmm.

My Mum is sooo great she's taking care of me (just like when I was 6 years old). I guess we both have the same aim- I have to be healthy before going to Prague.
So I;m fighting with fever and a sore throat in my bed trying to read books.
Last 3 weeks were crazy. 3days of making 2 live shows per day, four days at work, 3days of making 2 live shows per day, 10 days at work. and here I am. Weak, depressed, ill and tired like after a year long boot camp in Africa or somewhere else where it's very hot.

at least I've got antibiotics, hope they'll help me cause I'm still not registered at GP... thank you Poles for opening Polish pharmacy in England.

gotta take a nap,
goodnight sweethearts.

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