bua bua nikaragua xD

Hello :)

Finally we have a beautiful weather in the UK :) it's like an amazing present for my name day :)) hurray me ;)
I'm starting my official countdown to exams - only 6 days to first 2 exams T.T I'm happy & scared. It's weird but whatevaaaaaaa :)  

My dad said I should just stop worrying about exams. marks good or bad can't change main hobbies and dreams :)  It doesn't mean that I'm not gonna revise materials :) I'll just go for exams with a smile, write them and then I'll have 20days for chillin' :)

Ohh, I almost forgot. I wanna show you guys something.
I think Lana is a pure perfection. She has something incredible inside and her voice makes me calm. I don't know why. Video clip for 'Carmen' is interesting and more prefer this one than LMFAO party & wiggle things.

Now I can't stop listening to Lana's  'Dark Paradise':)

And last thing, there's a website  I highly recommend. It's called rookiemag.com . You can find there interesting articles, great picture, tutorials DIY made by polish teenager! Emma and lot of other interesting and inspirational things. Tavi Gevinson is a founder and editor-in-chief of Rookiemag. People mostly know Tavi cause of her blog thestylerookie.com

Just visit  ROOKIEmag 
  Enjoy and have  a nice day :)


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