I'm back :)

Hi Guys;)
Did you miss me? :)  I missed writing.
So here we go...

Last week was like, hmm, pure madness. Totally.
    I was so scared of Tuesday's exams, acted like a paranoiac since Friday before exams. But it wasn't as bad as I thought. I wrote an amazing essay about Stalin's Russia,) as opposed to the one about the USA xd
I was a little bit angry after media cos I felt I could do it better. No I know I do all my best.

English exam was weird... I mean, I was prepared and blah blah but the exam paper surprised me xdD '
Oh, whatevaaa. It's behind me :)
Tomorrow I've got my last exam and till 11/06 I can do what I want. Which mainly means going to work xd

Oh, almost forgot. My Family visited us:) Sweet 3days with my Nana, Grandpa and Uncle :)) now I'm gonna miss them more... but Summer is coming and now I'm determinate as hell to go for Summer to Poland. Even if Poland as a country is (sorry but) sucha shit.. that's because of politicians. So Poland means favourite places, forests, family and friends. for me.

Soo, I'm gonna post photos from last weekend with 'em in parts :)

and I got a hair cut :)

and here's a song for a good day :)

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