I told you to be kind...

As I promised...

Well, yesterday Kesja & I spent time together. Shopping time. it's sounds unreal because my sister hates shopping and fact she went with me makes it more unrealistic than you can imagine :)
We were looking for a bday present for Mum and we found a great one -Hi Mum :) I know you're reading my blog;P so I can't tell what we bought ;)
but I'm pretty sure Mum'll be happy :)

Oh, and she wasn't as happy as K and I were. because of money xdD let's say I had to buy something pretty as my name day present :p

Yummy pyjamas ;P

Mah sis, Kesja :)

present for my BFF;)

maxi skirt :D

bday present 4 Matthew :D

I like Primark because it's cheap and they have nice clothes & shoes ;)
Okay, I'm going back to the dark world of revisions :P

It'll be fine. Fingers crossed ;)

Have a nice weekend guys ;*