One week in Paris

Did you ever dream about perfect trip but you hadn’t time for leaving work and going abroad?
After exams and months of hard work all I wanted was going to Paris. For a day, for a week, for a month…
Unfortunately, I had no money for Paris because I decided to spend summer in Płock (PL).
But here’s the trick how to spend a week in Paris in one weekend and be at the same time at home, moreover, lying in your own bed :)
  1.       I went to the library and checked a guide book out.
  2.       I read it and picked the most interesting places which I’d like to see.
  3.       I also made a “things to do in Paris” list.
  4.       To feel the magic of travelling, I checked flights to Paris and decided for the one from Manchester at 8:30 (23/05). As a return flight I chose the one at 11:55, seven days later.
  5.       When I ‘had’ a ticket and very long “things to do/see” list there was last thing to do. Pack clothes up. I was incredibly silly thinking it’ll be the easiest thing. What should I take?
  6.       Think Girl! You’re going to the city of fashion. So I took a small suitcase and packed just a few things. In Paris I’ll buy bigger suitcase and so many clothes it won’t close :D

Here ends preparing part. In some point we’re coming back to reality but our spiritual travel runs on.
I listened to French music and downloaded some photos from google and weheartit.com to feel Paris, e.g.  Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, Arc de Triomphe,  catacombs of Paris (a dark place from dark times), Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Moulin Rouge and typical townhouses.

Friday was such a lovely day. I bought croissants in the bakery near my house and made a coffee. I also remembered to buy a fresh orange juice. Then I took my perfect Parisian breakfast and book to the garden where I ate while reading. I was in my garden in Stockport but I felt like I was in Paris. Yup yup, my imagination is incredible;)

Since I arrived I knew what I wanna to do, for example if I wouldn’t go to Disneyland Resort Paris, I probably would disappoint that 6-year-old girl who I’m (deep inside).

I took a taxi ( the airport is 35km northeast of the city center) and stayed in Hotel du Lys. It was great idea cause hotel is in a 17th century old mansion and has a great location, it’s near the Sorbonne, the
Luxembourg Gardens (where I met Marie who’s studying art at Sorbonne and is the sweetest person I ever met), Saint Germain des Pres, and the Musee d’Orsay.  

I love my guide because it’s segmented for 10parts and 6 of ‘em are day-plans for 6 days, e.g. Eiffel Tower to St-Germain in a day. I tried to follow those plans but it was more fun to walk around and act like a real Parisian. When I didn’t know where I am and my French which is limited to ‘Hello, my name is Caroline. I don’t speak French’ and just a few more simple locutions, wasn’t helpful I thanked God for having a street plan in my guide.

Café de Flore

One day I drop in to Café de Flore on 172 boulevard Saint-German and took coffee and croissant on the terrace. De Flor is an historical landmark in Paris since 1890!
On the other day which was sunny and lovely I went for a walk and I don’t know how I get to the House of Chocolate (Maison du Chocolat) on rue de Sevres. I wanted visit Picasso Museum but unfortunately it was closed :(

Luxembourg Gardens
Sunday was a perfect day for lying on the grass in the Luxembourg Gardens. There was a girl who was taking pictures of kids. Her name was Marie and she’s 20. She’s studying art. We talked about photography and fashion (Parisians have an incredible style). She took me for a dinner with her friends (looks like Parisian bohemianism experiences a rebirth). The next day they were going to Versailles and said I can go with them. That’s how I get to the most beautiful palace I’ve ever seen.

Château de Versailles

But let’s back to the reality.
Now my favourite part. When I ticked the last item on my list I was happy.
Hey, I just did/saw something great, huh;)
But I wanted to feel like I (at least partly) explored Paris so I watched : Ratatouille, Midnight in Paris, Belphegor- Le fantome du Louvre.

Diary- 30/05. Main return flight is at 11:55. 
2 hours later I’m in home. Literary, I’m in my bed. I was there all the time but now I’m as relaxed as I really spent a week in the city of love. Hope this year I will go there…

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Place de Furstemberg

Musee d'Orsay

Hotel du Lys
catacombs of Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral
Arc de Triomphe

 Goodnight ;*

P.S. I changed settings (yes Iga, especially for U;*) and now if you want, you can leave a comment ;)

*Photos from google.com and weheartit.com


  1. Powiem ci, że masz czasami większą wyobraznię ode mnie.
    Zdjęcia sa spoko, ale sam pomysł najlepszy, chociaż szkoda że podróz do PAryża nie była prawdziwa.

  2. Bujam w obłokach od urodzenia, więc wyobraźnia miała czas się rozwinąć ;)
    A do Paryża pojadę, jeśli nie w wakacje to może na 20urodziny;)

  3. yaay, a więc I'm typing you a comment!
    słodziachny pomysł z tym Paryżem ;)

    I. (jedna litera, jak w "Plotkarze", a co ;p)

    1. Hahah, I. dzięki ;) hey, moze ty pojedziesz ze mną do Paryża, zważywszy na to, że Kępek nie chce ;(

      C. (because we both love GG;P)