Batman xD

Hello :D
I'm so happy. Today we went (with Matt) to the cinema to see the newest Batman :D it was amazing. Too long but still amazing. Yeah, I know. I like all Nolan's films and I adore Christian Bale, no matter who he's playin' a psycho, a child or dom dom dom..... Batman ;D xdD
Cat woman :3 was perfect ;) much better than the one played by Hallie Berry ;D
I don't wanna tell too much cause maybe some of you guys still haven't seen it, e.g. my sister;) and I'm a spoiler person so.... Hahahaha

I love movies like Batman. well, who doesn't love comic heroes? ;P and I'm a girl who can't live without action movies with fight scenes, explosions, guns and races, etc. they're substances of action films. Ahhhhh :3 I need to see the expendables 2 uahahahahaha;)

Oh, I was crying' at Batman and Matt laughed at me.... T.T thx Matt, love I 2...

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