The last evening...

Soooooooooo, hello holidays ;D
3 weeks in Poland ;D
I can't believe! 
3 weeks without making baguettes, mopping the floor, making coffee and sayin' "what kind of coffee? large coffee for extra 20p? anything else?" hahahaha :)

oohhh :( it also means 3 weeks without A :'( why ooohh why? :<    saaaaaaaaaad face!

but my little angel is already waitin' for me in Slupno ;) my little sunshine :) can't wait to hold her and hear her "Talolino" instead "Karolino" ;D

Pics from our, hmmmm, crazy evening ;) Thanks Kesja for being our great photographer ;) I love you sis ;*:*:*

hellooooo! I'm here too! I stucked here!!!! ;D

Eatin' cookies and thinkin' what to say ;D

She's a devil :P

with my "baby" cousin ;))

awwwkwwwaaard xD

"do a lady face!" hahaha

weirdos ;D

we're sexy and we know it xDD

I like trains :D
"hahaha, funny!"

whaaat ?! :D

:) because it's a blog about my life I need  to tell you guys I have a new bookshelf and a wardrobe ;D xD
gonna write  a new post when I'll find a wi-fi in Poland ;) what literary means if my grandpa will give me a password to his internet at home :P
Take care guys ;*

P.S. Announcement to people from Stockport, Manchester and other places near of Stockport :P

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