Last 4 posts were full of photos, hehe.  I promise, today, no photos. Just words... and maybe a video. ...or two :)

Because FBI closed Megaupload, I'm forced to watch all my favourite TV dramas on a different website. It's not as good as MU but it works :)

Okay, maybe my fav dramas are the most popular one's but they are really good written. Scripts have hooks and they hit to me as an audience. They are funny, but not in a coarse manner (as some Polish comedies) and what's the most important the characters and their stories are interesting.

This week I'm watching 2nd season of The Vampire Diaries. <Team Damon> :)
Cos I must end my own script for Thursday's script session, I won't write about TVD. (next post will be about Diaries, okay? )
I hope you all had a great day and I have for you great songs. I cried. Sara Bareilles has a wonderful voice and her lyrics are incredible (just sayin').

 Sara Bareilles is 32 and she's famous American singer and pianist.

 Her fame came with the singel 'My love'.

and my favourite one (again Breathe me but with Katherin and Stefan from TVD)

Have a good night :*

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